Illuminating spaces

Lighting design scheme

Indoor lighting goes hand in hand with the design of any space. The primary challenge is to create adequate illumination while achieving the necessary style. One of the interesting aspects in the development of the lighting industry is change of scale – fittings are smaller, lamps are smaller, transformers are smaller and the output and efficiency of lamps is increasing, which means that we can achieve what architect Mies Van der Rohe stated ‘do more with less’. 

A successful lighting design scheme is therefore one which not only meets the needs of the brief, but beyond into defining a space into which the client’s wider needs are also met. In deciding on the appropriate light source for a space, we (the designer) need to have certain considerations. Some of these relate to the practicality of the task such as output, efficiency, and cost, and some relate to the aesthetic appearance of the lit space such as light distribution, intensity, and diffusion.

When creating a lighting scheme, we consider the type of lighting that is needed in each space. These can be classified as Task, Ambient and Decorative.