Interior Design Trends 2021

Key interior inspiration for 2021

Light Woods

Inspired by modern Scandinavian design, light woods will be a trend material for interiors. Light woods with its natural and bare design aesthetic, will be adopted for a number of applications from wall coverings, flooring, and ceilings to furniture and accessories, strengthening the human-nature connection and making home more of a modern sanctuary.

Sustainable Design

2021 will determine a new age in developing a more sustainable approach to interior design. New bio and recycled materials, with lower impact on the environment, will be a a big focus with designers reusing and up-cycling pieces with new and unusual materials. From textiles to furnishings, many products for the home are getting the "slow" treatment, as we have begun to see in fashion for the last few years. As society begins to care more about where the things they own come from, who made them, and what impact have they left on the planet, companies that prioritise ethical and sustainable practices from sourcing to shipment are finally getting the spotlight they deserve, and that will only grow in 2021.

Going Au Naturel

With the troubled times of 2020 hopefully on there way to being a bad memory, lockdown has seen an increase in the need to feel more at one with nature. Natural materials therefore are evermore relevant. Particularly popular this season is unpainted wood surfaces, stone textures, living plants, ceramics and wicker furniture. Bringing nature closer to home has never been more beneficial to our well being.


‘Japandi' is defined as the fusion of Japanese design with Scandanavian aesthetic and is the rising home decor trend you’ll want to try for yourself. Think sleek lines, neutral colours and a calming set-up.

Simplicity and craftsmanship combined to create muted, restful, and textual spaces that reflect the best of the old and new world.


The most important trend of 2021 in design calls for you just to ignore trends and to personalise the space and adjust the interior primarily for yourself. In this individual approach to design, everything that is dear to residents is concentrated, their interests and tastes are taken into account. The interior is no longer limited to the framework of one style, but follows primarily the needs and preferences of the owners. So, objects and styles are selected to reflect character and personality, with customisation a key trend when choosing art and accessories.

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